Anastasia Vikhornova


Collaboration with Tim Sragent and Koby Barhad

Commissioned by the government of Voronezh Region, Russia I was leading a project of re-designing obelisks that indicate the entry points to the region on it’s important transport connections, such as roads, airports and train stations.  

The original obelisks were built between the 50s and 90s and didn’t communicate the region’s character. Sculptures were often not maintained properly that led to them to be in a very poor condition.

Voronezh region is one of the biggest agricultural and industrial areas in Russia, situated in the South-West on the important transport route linking Moscow to the South of Russia. Our small design team consisted of Tim Sargent and Koby Barhad proposed three concepts of new visual identity and sculptural entry marks.

One of the concepts is celebrating the agricultural strength of the region. The logo represents the region’s natural resources and it’s industrial potential in the organic shape of the wheat and mechanical print of the farming vehicle. Strong combination of black and red colours is referencing to traditional colours that are specific to this region. The modular design of the logo allows further to play with shapes without loosing its recognisable elements.

For the research we conducted fieldwork, traveling around the region to its furthest points. Systematically collecting and documenting the region’s cultural heritage manifested through architecture and sculpture, we were exploring the people’s daily life and its relation to the regions past and present legacy.



Graphics: Koby Barhard, Anastasia Vikhornova

Entry Marks design: Tim Sargent, Anastasia Vikhornova

3D modelling: Tim Sargent, Anastasia Vikhornova

Photography: Tim Sargent, Anastasia Vikhornova

Special Thanks to Sasha Masko

© Anastasia Vikhornova 2013


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