Anastasia Vikhornova


Expressed through the irrational behaviors of people living and working locally, the project 'Vauxhall Tribe' explores hidden and hyper-mythical life in the area. These lives organically co-exist with recognised reality but offer a different perspective on Vauxhall residents and their relationship with their surroundings.

The film was shot in Vauxhall,  proposed scenarios are based on the real characters I met or observed in the area. For the film I’ve chosen four characters: a postman, traffic warden, a gardener and an office worker.

© Anastasia Vikhornova 2012

I spent a few weeks around a residential part of the Vauxhall area, initiating informal conversations to the locals, collecting stories and legends about the place. 



Director: Anastasia Vikhornova

Camera: Anastasia Vikhornova, Andrey Manirko

Special Thanks to VAUXHALL CITY FARM


Ashley Cambridge

Martin Edwards

Jonathan Leinmuller

Danny Wainwright

Jason Wilkinson

Jack Walters


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