Anastasia Vikhornova


Interactive Sound Installation

In collaboration with Tim Sargent

An interactive instillation commissioned for Gorgy Park in Moscow for the Russian festival of Maslinstia. The instillation encouraged participants to perform a dance to herald the coming of spring. The form of the instillation is based upon themes of nature and life, Tree’s, Animals and mushroom’s. The interaction with the instillation is via intuitively fun actions, bouncing on buttons, twisting birds and pulling ropes.  Each of these actions results in a sound, which is played in harmony with a piece of background music. The sounds triggered are sometimes unexpected such as electronic sounds coming from a bird, or at other times as expected, hollow noises coming from the trunk of a tree. 

Special Thanks to Le Cirque De –°harles La Tannes

Making process

Example of technical drawing for the pulling switch mechanism

© Anastasia Vikhornova 2013


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