Anastasia Vikhornova


In various mythologies hair is believed to contain both spiritual and physical power. Native Indians thought of hair as an additional organ of intuition, like an antenna that help them to sense enemies. The Bible refers to Sampson who had formidable spiritual power through the virtue of his long hair. When his hair was cut, he lost his power. The Shamans had a special tool called The Head Scratcher. They were used for scratching the Shaman’s head, since his hair is thought to contain power and must not be touched. 
It has become known that the mysterious power of hair featured throughout ancient myths and legends were a mere physical phenomenon. What is still uncertain, however, is the ways in which the currents were manipulated to expand their physical and spiritual boundaries. 
The Hair Capacitor is based on an object that was found in a Thomas Bennett collection of odd electricity related machines. Presumably the device was made between 1890 and 1910 and aims to explore the mythical power of hair through its electric properties. Tests on this device showed that even when hairs are cut they still store some natural electricity generated by human’s body. Further experiments showed that dark hair had larger capacity to store current compared to blonde hair. The principle of hair capacitor device is similar to a lemon battery. Hair strand is clamped between zinc and copper plates. Resulting energy is released as a low current, enough to power a light diode or a small motor.


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