Anastasia Vikhornova


Anastasia is a designer and researcher based in London, UK. She received a Masters degree from Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art in 2014. She also holds a BA degree in Interactive Design and Moving Image from the London College of Communication. Anastasia is currently working as a designer-researcher at the Future Cities Catapult.

Her practice is based on the cultural paradoxes of technology and its evolution in relation to people’s beliefs.


I am interested in tracing and suggesting design possibilities through the symbiosis of local cultures, beliefs and clean scientific ideas. I think of my design process in many ways as anthropological, in that it involves assigning myself with a physical location or a person and studying its folklore and material culture. Obtained stories and objects then often become the starting points of my projects

My projects are often a collage of fiction and facts represented through different mediums, such as physical objects, photos and video documentation. I am as interested in the open- ended process as the results.


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